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About Us

Welcome! The Harvard Family Association (HFA) is a caregiver-run organization working to connect, inform, support and engage local families.


Our mission is to facilitate connections and to improve the quality of life for local families.


We do this by connecting families with babies, toddlers, and young children, providing community service in and around the areas where we live, and facilitating life long bonds for our members families.

Free Events

Enjoy annual events such as the Halloween Parade, Winter Party, Valentine's Day, Easter Egg Hunt, New Baby event, Kindergarten socials and so much more.


The HFA organizes all ages and baby playgroups throughout the year. These low-key events, usually held at a member's home, playground, or other local play zone, provide members with the opportunity to meet parents and children around town.

Baby Playgroups: These weekly playgroups are an opportunity for our babies, approximately 0-2 years old, to play with toys and interact with one another. It is also a safe place for us, as the caregivers, to chat about our experiences, share tips/tricks, and just get to know one other (who knows, we might even get to drink a coffee that's not cold!).

Toddler Playgroups: These weekly playgroups are for toddlers, approximately 2-4 years old, siblings welcome! We meet in homes, backyards, at playgrounds, and more to keep our littles entertained and to have time as caregivers to connect.

All Ages Playgroups: These 1-2x monthly playgroups are often outdoors and larger groups meeting a playgrounds and in backyards where families with children ranging in ages from babies to early elementary take time to connect and play.

Please feel free to come to any playgroup that you feel will best suit your child. You can also reach out to our playgroup coordinator, with any questions.

Parents' Events

Join other caregivers for adult only events. We love brunches, bowling, ax throwing, wine tasting, book clubs, fire pits and more. These events help us laugh, commiserate, endure, and celebrate and ups and downs of raising tiny humans. Connect with our Parent Event Coordinators, Becca and Sam, and our Book Club Coordinators, Steph and Alex.


Or connect with us on GroupMe


GroupMe is an app we use for up-to-the-minute communication.

  • We have an HFA Yardsale to give away and get the things you need for every stage of your children's early years. Mostly for free!
  • We post about business recommendations, child care recommendations, questions about schools, sports and myriad other activites.
  • We ask for help when potty training is hard.
  • We plan playgroups ahead of time and at the last minute when we just need a friend to meet us at the playground.

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Harvard Family Association
P.O. Box 544
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